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Visiting Woolshed Falls North East Victoria

Visit Woolshed Falls & Eldorado North East Victoria

Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls are spectacular Water Falls, which were once the centre of the richest Goldfields in Victoria, with more than 8000 Gold Miners or Diggers living along the banks of this small stream. 

Visiting Woolshed Falls

5kms from Beechworth towards Chiltern, the Woolshed Valley is steeped in mining history. Large eroded gullies like this are found throughout the Beechworth goldfields district.

They were mostly the result of hydraulic sluicing, a method of mining in which hoses were used to direct water at high pressure on gold bearing stream banks. This method was used here after the waters of the original Spring Creek ( Reid's Creek ) was diverted from its course. This gave the miners access to the rich gold bearing original creek bed.

Places of Interest

Driving through the Woolshed Valley towards Eldorado places of interest are

  1. Kangaroo Crossing
  2. Barry's Falls
  3. Kelly Caves
  4. Kelly Lookout - excellent views
  5. Site of Sherritt's Hut
  6. Site of Sebastopol
  7. Woolshed Road Drive