Beechworth Oktoberfest

13th & 14th October 2018

Beechworth craft-brewery Bridge Road Brewers is hosting its 14th annual Oktoberfest. Located in the heart of town, this small brewery has a swag of awards to its name, and is ready for this years celebration of beer and music. 

The event is based around the original Oktoberfest held in Munich in late September each year. This Beechworth Oktoberfest is probably as close as you will get to the real thing without forking out the dollars to fly to Europe.

The authenticity of this event is bolstered not only by the four piece OhmPah band, traditional outfits and cuisine, but also by the beer brewed especially for the occasion. As is tradition in Munich, they also brew their own Marzen, or Oktoberfest beer, more than two months ahead of the event. This allows for the beer to age or large in tank for a prolonged period, resulting in a smooth malty lager, perfect for such a celebration.

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Bridge Road Brewers
Ford Street, Beechworth, Victoria, 3747
 03 5728 2703
0422 929 235