Opera in the Alps

Saturday 21, 2017 January

Beechworth Opera in the Alps

The 2017 Opera In The alps Alps will be the 21st January at the Beechworth Golf Course

Artists for the 2017 Opera in the Alps will include Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Alexandra Flood Shanul Sharma, Guy Noble and Opera Scholars Australia. The Alpha Sinfonia Orchestra and the voiced chorus will again be lead by popular virtuoso conductor, Guy Noble.

Opera in the Alps is a magical evening of classical favourites, it is one of regional Victoria's cultural highlights since it began at Mt Buffalo 30 years ago.

Gates open at 5.30pm. Food and drinks and pre entertainment will be available from this time onwards.

The main performance will commence from 8:00pm and the evening finishing at approximately 10:40pm

Visit www.operainthealps.com.au for more information.